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compileopenssl [2015/10/06 20:06] (Version actuelle)
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 + 1. download sources from [http://​openssl.org [[:​ss|openSSL]] official site]
 + 2. Extract in appropriate directory
 + 3. follow instructions in INSTALL.win32 file:
 +  a. install perl from activestate
 +  b. run perl Configure VC-WIN32 --prefix=c:/​openssl
 +  c. ms\do_ms
 +  d. nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak
 +  e. nmake -f ms\ntdll.mak install
 +//I had to insert the line "#​pragma warning( disable: 4129 )" in file //​crypto\cryptlib.h//​ to get a successful compilation.//​
 +**The above instructions did not work for me**.
 +I have not taken much time to investigate why, instead,
 +I  have succesfully used the following http://​www.deanlee.cn/​downloads/​openssl-0.9.8e_WIN32.zip binaries]
 +# vim: set filetype=dokuwiki:​
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