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 RERR_OK         0       "success"
RERR_SYNTAX     1       "syntax or usage error"
RERR_PROTOCOL   2       "protocol incompatibility"
RERR_FILESELECT 3       "errors selecting input/output files, dirs"
RERR_UNSUPPORTED 4      "requested action not supported"
RERR_STARTCLIENT 5      "error starting client-server protocol"
RERR_SOCKETIO   10      "error in socket IO"
RERR_FILEIO     11      "error in file IO"
RERR_STREAMIO   12      "error in rsync protocol data stream"
RERR_MESSAGEIO  13      "errors with program diagnostics"
RERR_IPC        14      "error in IPC code"
RERR_CRASHED    15      "sibling process crashed"
RERR_TERMINATED 16      "sibling process terminated abnormally"
RERR_SIGNAL1    19      "received SIGUSR1"
RERR_SIGNAL     20      "received SIGINT, SIGTERM, or SIGHUP"
RERR_WAITCHILD  21      "waitpid() failed"
RERR_MALLOC     22      "error allocating core memory buffers"
RERR_PARTIAL    23      "some files could not be transferred"
RERR_VANISHED   24      "some files vanished before they could be transferred"
RERR_DEL_LIMIT  25      "the --max-delete limit stopped deletions"
RERR_TIMEOUT    30      "timeout in data send/receive"
RERR_CONTIMEOUT 35      "timeout waiting for daemon connection"
RERR_CMD_FAILED 124     "remote shell failed"
RERR_CMD_KILLED 125     "remote shell killed"
RERR_CMD_RUN 126        "remote command not found"
RERR_CMD_NOTFOUND 127   "remote shell failed"

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